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GTC Certified Business Coaching Program

GTC Certified Business Coaching Program

$2,297.00 Regular Price
$1,316.15Sale Price

Thinking of becoming a Business Coach?

Get Certified By the Notrom Group & Green Thumb Coaching!

Our Coaching Certification will teach you how to access your gifts and what your good at and make money.


This Certification is good for:

* People who have been in a specific field or industry for (5) or more years and want to teach others to do it.

* For those who always find themselves solving others problems and you now want to do it professionally.

* Coaches who have been already coaching and want to step it up a notch.

* Those who love helping others but need to have structure and boundaries , as well as make money.

Whether you are one of those people or all. This certification program will have you ready to go!


Part: 1: In House Course (Learning)

Online  - 6 weeks ( Sat. 9am-11noon & Sun. 4pm-6pm )

1. You & Your Gifts

2. Coaching & You as a business

3. Coaching & Clients

4. Creating the Connection

5. Creating the Business

6. Execution & Marketing


Part 2: In Field Work (Execution)

Online - 4 weeks ( Sun. 4pm-5pm )

1. Promotions & Advertising

2. Social Media Marketing

3. Coaching  / Discoveries - 20 Client Coaching Ours Required / will assist with getting clients

4. Live Training / Recorded Coaching Sessions

5. Forms, Scripts, Email Scripts

Must complete field work to recieve Business Coaching Certification. Clients just completing In House first 6 weeks will recieve a Course Completion Certification Only. 

Total Coaching Hours in program to complete : 70


Informational Session help for students : 30 Days BEFORE start date. Invite will be sent or check event page for listing and link

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