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Are you giving your gifts away for free?

Your Gifts will make room for you, not just a Bible verse! We believe that you are sitting on money. All your experiences and skills have financial freedom waiting on the other side of them.  Not only will you be in a better position mentally after this course, but your finances will also take a spike as well. 

GreenThumb Coaches are a lifelong family. This course will change your life! So you can make a bigger impact on others.

Why Become A Certified Business Coach?


Let people know you are serious about your craft. 

More Money

Not only do you add paperwork and training behind your name. Your prices can now increase. Since you can add the skills and training, you can also provide the solutions. Which equals more money. Become a six figure earner.

Academic Program

Our course provides the training and the in sight you need to better serve your clients. GTC teaches the fundamentals of coaching, as well as business development and marketing.

We help you get clients!

 Systems & Scaling

If you are coaching, you need systems. Once you have systems you need to scale. Growing is the name of the game and we teach you how!

We show you how yo master your super power and WIN with it.

Here are 3 Reasons to sign up..

From recent graduates of GreenThumb.

Look at everything included in the Green Thumb Certified Coaching Program 
Guaranteed Results! Only When    You Do The Work!

The Fundamentals of Coaching

  • Learn the 35 Different Styles Of Coaching

  • Learn how to work with clients and the many different ways they learn

  • Become more confident when coaching

  • Coach clients recruited by US to get your Coaching hours.

  • Get Coaching Fundamentals Training Certificate after first 6 weeks.

  • Graduate as a Certified Business Coach ( Additional Certificate  Included)

Customer Service

  • Business Etiquette Classes

  • Customer Service Training

  • Retention & Loss Prevention

  • Business To Business Relations

  • Referral Programs

  • Troubleshooting​​​​

Coaches To Authors

Who Needs Systems?

Legacy Is Connected To Systems
Success Is Connected To Systems

We're going to get organized and WIN!
Program Includes EVERYTHING ABOVE and:

  • Learn how to create material for your coaching clients

  • Get templates for email responses for client engagement

  • Learn how to price for profit

  • Create Classes and Workshops in your field of expertise

  • Create your scheduling and coaching documents needed to win

  • Get Downloads and Excel Spreadsheets to maintain client data

Coaches To Authors


GreenThumb Coaches take it to the next level by creating another stream of income as an Author. 

Publishing Offered to All Graduates.*

Qualifying Graduates will receive free publishing from Write Now Publishing. * Must have required credits.


Become An Author & Coach!

Are you ready to Level Up?

Listen to what Graduates learned from taking the Green Thumb  Certified Coaching Program